Tuesday, June 10, 2008


How could a baseball player not know to keep your eye on what you’re trying to hit?

Pete Rose used to sharpen his steal spikes to tear up infielders legs when he was sliding into the bag. If he had what could legally be considered weapons attached to his feet while he was playing the game, God knows what kind of evil shit he pulled in fights.

To fully appreciate this picture, you need to know that Nolan Ryan is 46 years-old, and is Ventura is 26 and that Ventura started the fight.

And Ventura was no slouch at 6’1 200 lbs.

Ventura’s got four kids. I hope he sat them all down together at once to explain how he started a fight with a 46 year-old man and got his ass handed to him, because no man should have to do that four times.

In a couple of years, Ventura will need cash bad enough to start signing these pictures too.

It takes a couple of seasons for Japanese players to adjust to American baseball.

But eventually they find a happy medium.

You know the guy on the far left with the bald spot didn’t want to get involved for exactly that reason.

"You don’t get this shit at Cubs games!"

At first, you think, well that’s nice, Pedro doesn’t want to hit ol’ man Zimmer, he’s just holding him back. Then…

He throws him by his fucking head!

“Holy shit! What have I done?!”

This didn’t help Yankee/Red Sox relations, Black/White relations, or Dominican/American relations.

“What do you mean ‘what did I do during the fight?’ Didn’t you see me jumpin’ up and down?”

Might as well. You already got the bat in your hands.

That’s why you don’t usually charge the mound. Catchers live for this shit.

The catchers about to punch his face with two fists at once. I gotta remember that move.

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