Monday, June 16, 2008


It’s one thing for the people of Tennessee to deal with all the hippies, but when shithead Canadians show up, take of their shirts, and start dancin’ in the mud, you can see why Southerners hate outsiders so much.

“Hey Jack Johnson, I love that song you played 48 times on 4 albums. It’s so mellow!”

“What do you mean who smoked all your pot? I gotta go.”

B.B. King was given the key to the city of Manchester, Tennessee. Even if it actually worked, it would only open the doors to a gas station, VFW hall, and a broke down school bus.

Her shirt says “high on love” but her eyes tell another story.

The annoying thing about registering people to vote at Bonnaroo is that it takes the stoned fuckers three hours to fill in two blanks.

Ben Folds loves to show up at festivals where everyone’s high out of their minds, dancing, and laughing, and then sing a song about an abortion.

...and film the reaction.

Harsh dude, harsh.

Looks like Cat Power still hasn’t gotten that hug from Daddy yet.

Fuck Metallica. They’re just a bunch of cranky old men suing their fans and pulling mediocre reviews of their album from the internet. Plus they haven’t rocked in over a decade.

Only Metallica fans would have low enough self esteem to let their favorite band treat them like that.

Those girls aren’t standing there because they can see better, but rather because they can be seen better.

I can’t imagine Willie’s lungs look much better than his guitar.

Someone should tell her she’s taking the wrong drugs and really starting to piss everyone off.

That girl’s about 2 hours away from being a bigger pain in the ass then anal sex on the beach.

The Gillette tent was offering free shaves. What a great fucking deal deal, shaving yourself for free.

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