Thursday, June 19, 2008


Do you think that lizard gives a shit this image is protected? Me neither.

Over 100 flights were delayed in India after hundreds of jackals, monitor lizards, and raptors flooded the runway and could not be removed. First off, I thought a raptor was a dinosaur, so that’s a bit unsettling. Secondly, I thought “monitor lizard” was a term for online hookers who meet you at truck stops. Or maybe this guy.

If I lived in a country where flights were grounded because of lizards and jackals, I don’t think I’d want to fly. That’s some pretty nasty shit for a plane to encounter on the ground. God knows what’s in the sky.

I think whether or not reptiles ground your commercial flights may be the distinguishing factor between a first and second world country.

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randy said...

i'm glad you didn't take the low road and make some bollywood 'snakes on a plane' joke.