Thursday, June 12, 2008


I think his boobs are fake.

The pageant is fun, but it’s mainly just to get them through the offseason, before they can go back to their true passion of shocking frat boys on vacation.

That scar on brude on the left's forehead is sad, 'cause you know some guy broke a bottle over her head after he found out a dude just sucked his dick.

Okay, I know they’re trannies, but even as a dude, this guy isn’t pageant ready.

“Don’t forget ladies, your hood is not an enemy. Work with it.”

Add a hug from Dad and it’s all he/she ever wanted.

Her mom’s just trying to make the best out of a bad situation before she has to get back to cleaning offices.

“Wait, let me fix this one eyelash. There- now you don't look like a man.”

Something tells me this was the YMCA team of pageants: anyone who wanted to enter is allowed.

The guy with the beard came in second.

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