Wednesday, June 4, 2008


“I have never been so proud as I am tonight, accepting the nomination for President of a country that I hate so much, and have worked so hard to destroy.”

It’s one thing to see that lady collapse and hug Obama like he’s Jesus, but look at all those men in suits reaching just to touch his head. I think it's cause they don't know what black hair feels like.

How does McCain feel when he sees how popular Obama is? Probably a bit racist.

“Yeah, this looks like exactly the type of tacky shit middle America would like to see me buy my wife.”

Nothing says ushering in an era of change, like making a pun out of a 23 year-old movie title.

“Hey is the guy in the shirt and the hat for us? Jesus Christ, get him up front by the photogs! I don’t care if he’s got no chair!”

“There’s another one! Get the spot on him! All right, let’s get a few shots of Barack’s lapel pin and this thing’s in the bag.”

Obama applies another layer of white base.

I understand your plight. As a child, all my friends made me play the Indian while they got to be cowboys.

Barak Obama, this generation’s Carson Daly. “Barack Obama, wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!”

“Yeah, I ordered chicken wings. Someone want to fucking say something about it?”

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