Monday, July 21, 2008


“So, on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being good, and 10 being Iraq, how is Afghanistan?”



At first I thought this was a staged PR photo, surrounding Obama with only minorities, then I remembered that’s who the military recruits.

Obama looks more like the USO entertainment than a politician.

“Thank you for your service, and be honest with me, should I be wearing a helmet and flak jacket?”

Lots of people want an autograph from Obama, but it looks like this bad mother-fucker wants a fight.

Why do the Afghani uniforms look like wardrobe from that creepy Robin Willams movie “Toys?”

Obama clearly hasn’t adjusted to the constant sound of war in the background.

Obama looks as surprised as anyone to see what a warm reception he got from the military. In fact, it looks like he’s still not sure whether they’re making fun of him.

“Ok, you’re gonna love this one—we asked for more troops to secure the capital during Ramadan and they sent us three bags of expired, generic potato chips.”

The guy on the far left looks like a creepy puppet that will leap out of the closet and attack you in your sleep, but in a larger sense, that’s probably the case with most of the American appointed government in Iraq.

“The hardest part was making a chair out of gold that wouldn’t buckle underneath my weight when I sat in it.” 

“You’re shitting me, right?”

“All right… change you can believe in… can I go now?”

“Check this out, we used all the Bibles that Bush sent us as armor on the Humvees.”


jm said...

Haha awesome photos, and love the commentary/captions

Peter Grumbine said...

thanks jm, glad you liked it.