Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Don’t punch him, he’s not Charlie. Don’t punch him, he’s not Charlie. Don’t punch him, he’s not Charlie…

“So, tell me, as a Buddhist, you believe in karma and reincarnation. So, if were to bomb a bunch of innocent people, they’d come back, so I’d have to bomb them again?”

“But what if I bombed their soul? Would that kill ‘em for good?”

Is McCain uncomfortable with…

A) Touching another man’s hand

B) The Christian base’s approval

C) His hemroids.

It looks like he’s trying to quickly and discreetly usher a whore into a motel room before anyone sees him.

“Oh God, is this turning into an orgy?!?”

McCain is looking at the Dali Lama like he’s a trail of snot stuck on his sleeve that he hopes no one has noticed.

Good God! They’re taking the Dali Lama behind the barn Old Yeller style.

“Yes, I like Colorado very much. However, these two shit heads are pissing me off.”

“Look! I’ve got a youth vote!” 

“Oh John! He’s just making fun of you.”

Holy shit, it looks like someone left Cindy in the dryer for too long!

“Thank you for your support sir, but please stop touching my face. It’s really creepy and your hands are clammy and old.”

That sign says “energy solutions” but all I see is a tired old man.

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