Tuesday, July 29, 2008


“Dear God, please lower gas prices, give me a Wii fit, and a new Iphone… oh, and help the poor or something.”

Churchies in St. Louis are leading prayer circles at gas stations in an effort to lower gas prices, and since prices have dropped in the past week, they believe it is working. So if this group believes that prayer can manifest physical changes on Earth, the most pressing issue they can come up with is a 3 cents a gallon price shift? 

I hate high gas prices as much as anyone, but if I got three wishes, a slight reduction in fuel cost isn’t going to be one of them. Why not pray for energy independence, a cure for AIDS, or some common sense? 

I hope God answered their prayer, and said “Get rid of your SUV, dumbasses. Maybe try carpooling or occasionally riding a bike. Fucking morons.”

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