Monday, July 14, 2008


Oh no look, some paparazzi found us at the gun range! I hope they don’t follow us inside and take more very candid and not set up pictures!”

You know what reality show I’d watch? “Heidi and Spencer with Guns,” because Spencer doesn’t really look like he knows what he doing, and eventually one of them is gonna get shot.

Dear God, I hope all those statistics about gun accidents aren’t fabricated.

“Hey Honey, give the gun that look like your about to lick it’s asshole.”

Man, I wish he had sneaked up behind her, tapped her on the shoulder, startled her, and she freaked out and turned and shot him in the face.

If Spencer actually shot either one of those guns, he’d knock both his girly shoulders out of joint.

Spencer had a nose job, got his teeth capped, had his chin and jaw done, he’s wearing a trucker hat backwards, and posing with a huge handgun, which leads to the question, can your dick be smaller than your self-esteem? 

The only thing that could make this picture more obnoxious is if she said she did the whole thing to honor her dead brother… oh wait, she did.

I wonder which one of them thought about shooting the other one first? I bet it was her.

Last I checked, the second amendment doesn’t protect your right to douchebaggery.

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