Thursday, July 31, 2008


"All right, good rally. Now, who wants to make out with me while Jimbo jerks off?"

It turns out, Chloe Black, a spokeswoman for a school in Florida that uplifts underprivileged black and Hispanic students was once married to David Duke and now is married to Don Black, the creator of white supremacists website Stormfront. However, after some digging, it has been revealed that Don hasn’t had a paying job for years (I know, big shocker), so it’s been inferred that the website is supported by Chloe’s salary from the colored kids school.

First off, if you’re so damn supreme, how about you get a job, shitfuck. Secondly, Stormfront has a page dedicated to poetry. No shit, there really is a poetry section on the white supremacist page, with gems like this one called White Traitors":

They are the Jews Henchmen,

They take their job with pride!

They do their best to please them,

And to stay on the Jews "Good" side.

They lie and cheat,

They breed with scum,

They claim that its a feat!

To have a wigger son.

Their twisted thoughts of Diversity,

Is a direction in which they strive,

To turn our biggest nightmares into reality.

So I look upon them with rage,

Wanting nothing to do with them,

But lock them in a cage.

Because these fools will never see,

Through the Foggy Daze.

Their Lost to hatred and Denial,

Like many waves and waves.

They care nothing for fair trial,

All they ever want to see,

Is a Jew-man with a smile

Whatever, fag. 

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