Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Following over 100 women graduating from the Iraqi Police Academy, I’m guessing there’s going to be a lot less female circumcision in Iraq.

“Hello little girl. To further confuse you, we’ve brought a woman to kill your father.”

This looks like one of those “circle the things that don’t belong” pictures from Highlights Magazine.

Despite so many drastic steps towards equality, I think it’s a shame that even as a police officer, the Iraqi women still have to shave their mustaches. When will there be true equality?

Wow, that target looks just like her.

Sure, she can help maintain law in Iraq, but part of that includes stoning women who make eye contact with married men.

“Clean your rifle, then get back to oppressing yourself!”

Getting stuck in a tire can’t be helping fight any sexist stereotypes.

This actually isn’t a training exercise, that’s just how they have to follow male officers around.

“Now, for your next exercise, you will be tap dancing and hamboning.”  

If Kurdish women look this hot in grease paint and camos, I’m starting to see why they keep them covered up.

In the end, it’s hard to say which is more oppressive: Muslims forcing women to wear the burka…

… or us suiting them up in high heels and making them race each other for a gift certificate.

But it’s not hard to pick a favorite.

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Anonymous said...

kurdish women and arab women are different. the kurdish army is 60% women. kurdish women do not wear burkas. It's actually outlawed to wear a burka in kurdistan. the reason is because it opresses the kurdish culture so our good leader Barzani outlawed it. I find it offensive that you interchange arabs and kurds. They are a different species. Kurdis people are more practical and more polically free than americans.