Thursday, July 17, 2008


I hope at least one of these kids kept with Little League tradition and spit in their palm before shaking hands with Bush.

Considering that kid’s from Louisiana, I have to assume that Bush is handing him the shaft in that box.

“…and I’d like to thank Jackie Robinson here for being such a good friend of mine.”

For Kenny Chesney it was a mixed blessing to sing the national anthem on the South Lawn. On the one hand it was a great honor, but on the other hand, he had to take his hat off in front of cameras.

“C’mon, let me wear one of your batting gloves! You have two, and I don’t have any!” “Whatever, these are mine. Fucking liberal.”

“When I played tee ball, I wanted to be a famous pitcher, and I worked very hard and became the starting tee.”

“Don’t be scared, the President loves white kids.”

Some day this kid is going to realize he was working harder than Bush.

This is a classic tee-ball picture and great metaphor for the Bush administration, because at least one of these kids is trying to tag the runner without the ball.

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