Thursday, August 28, 2008


I believe the punchline to that joke is "this guy!"



“and blowjobs in the back seat of a Cadillac!”

“Whew hew!”

"My first wife died."


“and I’m going to use that anger to attack John McCain!”


“I’m going to finish the job the Viet Cong started.”

“That pasty old bastard’ s gonna wish he only had a bamboo shoot shoved up his piss hole by the time I’m done with him!”

You can’t hide fear on an old lady’s face.

Listen Dems, if you put that artificial, no-talent, cum-crusted sock puppet Fergie on stage one more time, I’m gonna vote for Bob Barr. I swear to God, I’ll do it. Twice.

Chevy Chase didn’t get a chair because he’s a dick and no one likes him. Really.

The young guys like Susan Saradon cause she’s got all the good blow.   

I just wish the Dems could stop looking like an attack ad against themselves.

Jesus Christ, did they wait for the perfect sunset to do this, or is life always that poetically depressing and symbolic if you’re a wounded vet?

Images of decorated troops protesting the war connect with middle America. Signs that say, “Books not Bombs” do not.

Why do the Denver Police assigned to controlling the Iraqi Vets Against the War have better equipment then the vets did in Iraq?

So…. copy editors haven’t joined the movement yet?

With two conventions following the Olympics, the American flag factories in China must be having a banner year.

Clearly no one has told these two ladies that as the race tightens, the Democrats are going to distance themselves from gay marriage like Boo Radley with leprosy, AIDS, and open wounds.

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