Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I think the Chinese gymnastic team is making fun of us.

It’s a pity for Estonia that a gold medal in the discus doesn’t translate into any real world skills, unless of course the country needs to move a pile of disc shaped rocks.

The French women’s handball team feels dejected after loosing in the quarterfinals and realizing that handball isn’t really a sport.

Huh… I wonder if the blonde chick won?

The shitty thing about winning a gold medal for Bahrain is you know as soon as you go home, someone’s going to steal it and kidnap your wife.

I love black Brits. They’re as cool as African Americans, but their location doesn’t make me feel so guilty.

I didn't realize  colonial oppression was still an Olympic sport. 

I was going to make some comment about how they should give the medal to the horse, but it looks like they already did.

If that “gold” medal was made in China, I wouldn’t put it in my mouth. It’s bending.   

Pissed off you can’t run as fast as other people? Maybe next time you drive.

At some point, shouldn’t the engineers behind the equipment start getting medals too? Or at least the chemist who mixes the undetectable steroids?

Is she crying because she won, or because she has to go back to Russia now?

So… there weren’t any problems with the air quality in Beijing?

Hey Lolo, I don’t know how to tell you this, but you’re about to get lapped by the field crew.

Just because something’s difficult doesn’t mean it should be an Olympic sport. I find HTML to be very challenging, but no one’s asking for a medal.

Yeah, that’s awesome… but what do you do with the rest of your life?

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