Wednesday, August 6, 2008


You can’t see it, but that tiger’s riding a shark, and they are gonna kill the shit out of you!

A string of tiger attacks in St. Louis has authorities calling for tighter regulations. On Sunday a man lost his leg after being attacked by a tiger at a zoo, and on Monday, a 16 year-old was attacked by three tigers after he entered the “Predator World” exhibit to take a picture. I hope someone took a picture of him taking a picture of three tigers attacking him. I love that MC Escher shit.

If either of these people live to breed, it will be a sin against nature, and nature will seek vengeance. Tigers never lose. Sometimes they get stuck in zoos, but in the end, tigers never lose. Someday one of these idiots’ kids will be walking through a mall or parking their hover car, and BAM! Tiger attack! And the balance will be restored.

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