Monday, September 8, 2008


Lindsay Lohan makes a statement that she’s a real person by showing her saggy side boob.

When a hot chick sings a song about making out with another girl, and it’s still annoying, you know it’s a bad song.

How many of the Pussy Cat Dolls have sucked dick for less than $20? I’m guessing three.

“Hey, ladies! We got $17!”


I don’t know whether to hate Pete Wentz as a TV host because I hate his music, or if I should respect him because he knows he’s going to need something other than music to rely on. That tux, however, is really pissing me off.

 What’s the only thing more obnoxious than emo? German emo.

Pink’s getting too old for this shit, and she knows it.

Christina Aguilera looks even scarier than she did when she was pregnant, and that’s really saying something.

When all of your success and fame comes from doing nothing, it must be really scary to watch that nothing start slipping away. There’s nothing to grasp too. Well, there’s pills, but you know…

Slipknot? Right now, I’d prefer a noose.

As part of her community service, Britney has joined the scared straight program.

Taylor Swift, asking Britney for advice, and planning on doing the opposite.

The fact that all the young stars kept getting their picture taken with Britney, makes me think she was there as part of a cruel prank. 

 “Okay, is this another intervention, y’all?”

“Hey, did y’all hear that, he said I’m his favorite mommy! And he wants tater tots! Mmm tater tots, y’all!”

“Don’t do anything to loose your time with the kids- left foot. Don’t do anything to loose your time with the kids- right foot. Don’t do anything to loose your time with the kids- left foot…”

“Well, I wasn’ expectin’ to win these three moon men, but this Nobel Prize is really a shock! Are you sure y’all ain’t makin’ fun of me?”

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