Tuesday, September 16, 2008


“It was the Republicans.”

“It was the other Republicans.”

"It was Satan!"

“People, aren’t we all saying the same thing?”

McCain’s really starting to look like he’s running for office against his will.

“We need change!"

“I can tell you for a fact, the Senate hasn’t done shit for 26 years to stop this.”


“Hey look! I got a modular telephonic device! I’ll send you an electrogram message on my economic plan! I’m with it!”

Palin supporters have started holding up lipstick at rallies, which is really very fitting when you consider lipstick is merely a superficial, cosmetic change, not a substantive fix. It deceptively masks what is already there to better fit it into a male dominated hierarchy that refuses to change. Oh sure, you can pick your own shade, but it’s all the same.

“You want to know my experience on the economy? Well, you can see Russia from … wait, wrong one. Hold on… roll prompter…”

“Oh here, it is… we need to reach across partisan lines, and build a bridge to Wall Street, with taxpayer money.”

“Maybe if the Lehman brothers spent more time supporting our troops we wouldn’t have this problem.”

“I heard that neither of the Lehman brothers have even been to Iraqistan. Unlike the hard working people at NAME OF TOWN HERE!” 

“Oh shit. Please stop now.”

 “Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac are God’s special children, and we will not abort them either!”

"Nailed it!"

“Why do you people keep supporting the party of the wealthy? You could afford more guns and bibles under my economy! How's that work for you? Maybe a little?”

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