Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Hey Sarah, act like you’ve been there before.

“Oh look! It’s another senator!” Right next to me, guys!”

It's probably awkward everyday when McCain notices he still has a busload of headshots, and Palin ran out at noon.

So she’s comparing the McCain-Palin ticket to an artificial, over-processed, capitalist tool that prays upon the health of low income Americans, and it comes with taxes!?! What a fucking retard.

“Here, I got you this giant lipstick to remind you how far we’ve come as women.”

Please, please, please, tell me he’s not clutching his heart.

This picture’s particularly scary, because that’s what Palin would look like at McCain’s funeral.

People! Please! Do not excite McCain!

“This is what a McCain-Palin presidency will look like.”

“As long as she keeps workin’ that ass, she can say whatever she wants.”

Sometimes even McCain can’t believe anyone’s buying his “change” crock of shit.

That guy in the upper left corner looks like he’s reaching out to pet her, not shake her hand. I bet Palin has some really fucked up, right-wing stalkers. 

Am I supposed to circle the things that don’t fit in this picture?

How can people say she’s not prepared? She’s got a teleprompter...

…and a notebook. What else do you want her to do? Read the Cliff’s notes?

“Then I said to the elite media, to the liberal press core, if you want me to answer your questions, you better put them on the teleprompter!”

“Because press conferences are for fags, and there will be no fags in a McCain-Palin presidency! Thank you Jesus, good night!”

“Wheeeeeew! Praise Jesus, fuck the media, and shove this up my ass! Now!” Wheeeeeeeeeeeew! Palin!”

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