Monday, October 20, 2008


Sure, he looks cute, but you didn't see him rape and slaughter the entire Ewok village.

A team of Japanese scientist claim to have found a Yeti footprint in Nepal. This would be startling news, if the footprint didn’t “look like a human’s” and was more than 8 inches long. In case you’re wondering, an 8-inch foot would wear a boys’ size 5 ½ shoe.

While I understand there could be differences between a Yeti and Bigfoot, and thus a Yeti doesn’t necessarily have to have big feet by nature, I refuse to get excited about an ape-like creature that’s smaller than a 4th grader.  Though I understand how it could excite a team of Japanese scientist, being that it would be a new, undiscovered animal small enough to fuck.

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