Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I’m no authoristy on goddesses, but if you want to be considered divine in my book, you’ve got be able to wipe your own ass.

Hindu and Buddhist priests appointed a three year-old Nepalese girl as a living goddess. In order to qualify to be the “kumari” a young girl must have perfect teeth, hair, and skin, and then the priests consult the child’s horoscope. Put it all together and their process of selecting a goddess sounds a lot like flipping through an issue of Us Weekly. Maybe our societies aren’t so different after all.

After passing the cosmetic and astrology tests, the goddess must also prove that she is not afraid of the dark—presumably because her culture is living in it.

The girl will serve as a living goddess until she first menstruates, at which point she will no longer be considered divine and will be returned to her parents. You know that’ll be a rough weekend for everybody. 

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