Wednesday, November 12, 2008


The coexistence of both black and white stripes on his prison jumpsuit must really piss this guy off—that and getting prison raped by a black guy.

 An Oklahoma woman was shot to death after trying to leave her KKK initiation ceremony. First off, I wasn’t aware women were allowed in the Klan. Maybe she was like a little sister at a fraternity and was recruited primarily for serving drinks and sucking dick, but then again, I always figured most Klansman were closet cases, jerking each other off in their extended cabs after meetings. C’mon, the flowing white robes, the parades, the mustaches, and the secret meetings late at night out in the bushes? It’s just all so queer.

The slain woman was apparently recruited to help bring in more new members. Now, I’m no expert at business growth, but it seems to me like shooting the head of recruiting may represent a more fundamental problem in corporate strategy. Quite frankly, if the Klan needs to mount a recruiting drive after the election of our nation’s first black president, they are even more inept than I thought, which is saying a lot.

Needless to say, there are a lot of old school Klansmen looking up and slapping their heads in hell.

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