Monday, December 8, 2008


There are several sides to every story, but when German police start arresting the guys who are protesting neo Nazis, it’s not going to be a happy story in the end.

German police arrested a large group of protestors who were demonstrating against a neo Nazi parade this weekend. Now, I’m all for peaceful demonstrations, but it seems like the Germans might want to let this one slide. I may not be 100% on all the details of how Hitler took over last time, but it seems like if hundreds of youths showed up to protest at the beginning, it might have been a good start in keeping a few million Jews alive. 

The Nazis were marching to demand the establishment of a national youth center. Yes really. While I’ll admit, Nazi kids are the most adorable kind of Nazis, I somehow suspect the main goal of the youth center isn’t to organize half-court basketball games and bake sales but rather has something more to do with eradicating the world of Jews.

Over the weekend there were also 470 arrests at a neo Nazi demonstration in Sweden, but at least the Swedes had the good sense to arrest some Nazis. And there were also riots in Poland, England, and Greece, but they weren't Nazi related, which is probably for the best.

My final reaction to this is: why does Microsoft Word insist that I capitalize “Nazi?” Hmm, Fuhror Gates?

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