Tuesday, January 6, 2009


“I am a Senator!”

“A Senator! Finally, I have arrived!”

“Clear a path people, Senator Me coming through!”

“Hello there Senate Sergeant in Arms, let me just tell you how happy and proud I am to be a part of the most prestigious branch of the world’s finest legislative government. I feel like all my hard work has finally paid off.  Most people wouldn’t even dare to dream this could really happen, but I had that dream, and here it is finally coming true! God bless America and God bless you, sir!”

“This is awkward.” 

“Awkward? No way-- this is the greatest day of my life!” 

“No, this is definitely awkward.”

“I’m sorry-- who is not a Senator?”


“Back in the car. I’m not a Senator. Cancel the business cards and half the hookers.” 

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