Wednesday, February 25, 2009


"Really!?! They told me one weekend a month too! That's hilarious!"

A second US soldier in Iraq has joined a lawsuit questioning Obama’s eligibility to be President, saying:

"I think it is reasonable for Obama to prove his citizenship status thus certifying his eligibility. I too raised my right hand and swore an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States… I believe the case you are filing could very well determine if we are in fact a Constitutional Republic or a nation of mob rule. I would be honored to be a part of your efforts."

Really? You were cool with serving in Iraq under a president who stole his election, led us into a false war, and squandered your armor budget on his buddies’ no-bid contracts, but because you’ve never personally seen Obama’s birth certificate you think you should get a free pass out? He added:

"I am an Army reservist who was activated last August and am currently serving with a military police battalion in Camp Bucca, Iraq. I will be here until at least June 2009."

Seriously, you’ve served half of one tour (as an MP) and you’re trying to sue your way out of your contract with America, in order to uphold our constitution’s contractual integrity? God, that’s dumber than someone who joined the reserves for extra cash, thinking they would never get called up to war, despite the fact that every reservist and national guardsman has been called… oh... wait, I get it. Sorry, dude—try not to get shot, and stop being such a douche. 

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