Friday, January 28, 2011

5 Year-Old Brings Gun to School, Is Cool

"No, I'm pretty sure the cow does go quack-quack, bitch."

Apparently a 5 year-old kid brought a loaded gun to his pre-kindergarten class in Florida today. It says a lot about the state of our country that my first reaction to this story was: wait, a 5 year-old is still in pre-kindergarten? If he doesn't even start kindergarten until he's six, at that rate, by the time he graduates, he'll be, well, dead probably. He's fucking five and packing heat.

The teacher said the gun fell out of his pocket and hit the floor without discharging, which raises two points. One, this whole thing could have been avoided (and way more adorable) if the kid had a shoulder holster, and two, that high school student in Woodland Hills who inadvertently shot two people when a gun went off in his backpack by accident has to feel like even more of a shithead now.

The kid found the gun in his stepfather's car on the way to school, which means it's safe to assume that his stepfather had an even worse day. Not so much because he'll get in trouble for it, but because, you know, he didn't have his gun. Might as well leave your dick at home too.

Of course this will probably ignite all sorts to gun control debates again, to which I say, remember-- guns don't kill people, children do. Are we going to outlaw children? I'm not entirely opposed to that.

*Yeah, I am trying to find time to post here again. Will I keep it up this time? Cliffhanger!

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